Meyer VPA is the brainchild of Elizabeth Meyer (Elize) and was established under rather unfortunate circumstances when Elize lost her work after a lengthy absence from work due to illness. Elize, a single parent with 3 amazing children, struggled to find work which would pay enough to sustain them, and then realized that there is a gap in the market - business people and SME’s do not necessarily want to pay proper salaries for staff to attend to their day-to-day support, marketing and/or administrative functions, yet these functions are of fundamental importance in any business, and so, with a lot of tears, dedication and hard work, Meyer VPA was established as a sole proprietor in February 2017. Meyer VPA would render these support, marketing and/or administrative functions to various SME’s and business people remotely at rates which are less than what employers generally pay to employee’s fulfilling these functions, yet, getting a person that is experienced and skilled, without having issues related to employee relations.

By November 2017, Elize received various requests for franchising of the Meyer VPA concept and due to the growing demand, Meyer VPA Franchising was incorporated in December 2017.

Registered company details:
Meyer VPA Franchising (Pty) Limited T/A Meyer VPA Head Office
Registration number: 2017/660098/07

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About Virtual Assistant Services

What is a Virtual Assistant?

a Virtual Assistant is a self-employed business owner who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely.  Virtual Assistants are independent contractors rather than employees, and therefor can offer a substantial saving to your business vs. the cost of employing support staff.

Meyer VPA Virtual Assistant

What can I do for you?

Meyer VPA is a virtual assistance business.
We can look after your business and personal affairs from a remote office - giving you more freedom and allowing you time to achieve your work and life goals.
When you are a business owner, there's often so much to keep on top of that taking a break for even a few hours becomes impossible. And sometimes you become so blogged down in admin that you spend more time sending emails and making phone calls than getting on with the task you set out to do.
What you need is someone to add more hours to your day and more days to your week, and we can do just that for you.
Kindly see our services tab for a more detailed report on the services we offer

How can I help you?

Create Time

I can save you time by completing administrative duties

Create Order

I can lighting your workload by creating order out of chaos and calmness out of stress

Create Money Savings

I can save you money by improving efficiency and providing cost-effective support as and when you need it